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Essay challenge.
The maiden Edition's Topic "I'm that Nupe" Is Design to awake the Identity of our culture and to educate, enlighten us of who we are as a person and community. Also to have a collective contribution towards the development and unity of Nupe kingdom.

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1-paticipant must be a nupe by birth or Identity.
2-paticipant must be in senior secondary school i.e SS1-SS3 or an undergraduate student.

Standing Rules.
1-presentation shall either be in writen or video document.
2-Each presentation shall be judge by the judges Criteria set up.

winners shall be presented with a cash prize by the end of the day.

Stage 1
i- Screaning and selection stage Stage 2
Introduction stage Stage 3
Competition stage
Stage 4
knockout stage
Stage 5
Pronouncement of the winners
For Inquiries

From 26th Setember 2019 & Close on 31st october 2019.
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