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Umar Mohammad Bago (born 22 February 1974) is a Nigerian politician. He was born in Minna , Niger State, to a Nupe family,  He is a Member of Parliament for Chanchaga, Federal Constituency. He stands with the All Progressives Congress Party [2] . He ran in the 9th National Assembly , Contesting for Speaker House of Representatives of Nigeria . He came second to Femi Gbajabiamila.

The Hon. Umar Mohammad Bago was born in 1974 and had his elementary education at Marafa Primary School, Minna where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). He then proceeded to Federal Government College Jos where he also obtained the West Africa School Certificate (WAEC). He then gained admission into the prestigious a href=">Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, from where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.
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Hon.Muhammad Umar Bago had a very disciplined and focused childhood which in no small measure assisted his career in the banking industry.
Hon. Umar Mohammad Bago worked with the United Bank for Africa (UBA), First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and Afri-Bank PLC respectively, where through hard work, high sense of responsibility and dedication to duty, he rose to managerial level in the ever competitive banking sector.
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Hon.Mohammad Umar Bago hence yielded to the clarion call to serve his people as a Federal Legislator. He pitched his tent with the then Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) at its formation stage, securing the Party’s ticket; he went ahead to overwhelmingly defeat his closest rival from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the seat of House of Representatives Member, representing the Chanchaga Federal Constituency in the 2011 General Elections.

In his second stint in the House of Representatives, Hon. Muhammad Umar Bago having gathered political experience hit the ground running, and apart from contributions on the Floor of the House, he served with diligence in the following committees:-

I. Banking and Currency.

II. Appropriation

III. Education

IIII. Internal Security

V. Information and Communication Technology

VI. Defense

VII. Loans and Debts

VIII. National Planning and Economic Development

IX. Media

X. Civil society and Donor Agencies

XI. Police

In 2016 he advised the management of the Maritime Commission that 83 staff should be sacked. He stated, “That is how touts are employed. Any employment that does not have approvals means there was never any employment in the first place. It does not make sense to have 700 staff in an academy with 300 cadets." He urged the Nimasa to spend money wisely in a well and prepared process.

In 2019 after his victory for the third time for the seat of house of Representative chanchaga. He emerge as the top contestant of 9th Speakership of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Some of people are against him due to the zoning of the party.
He stated, "I won't back down, I just want to correct the mistake of the party leaders by opinion of zonings."
But unfortunately after the voting, he was defeated by Femi Gbajabiamila.

This is the first time we saw Hon. Mohammad Umar Bago lost a, political position, but as it was said "every defeat is a blessing".
By God grace in 2022 Bago for govornoship Niger state!! Insha Allah.

Legislative Impact

Hon.Muhammad Umar Bago had participated actively in all Legislative activities for the four years as a Federal Legislator. He is also a Representative with the wellbeing of his constituents firmly rooted in his heart, little wonder in immediate response to the needs of his constituents; he Moved the Motion on the outbreak of cholera in Chanchaga Federal Constituency, urging the State and Federal Government as well as the National Primary Healthcare Agency to ensure the disease was effectively contained.
Constituency Interventions
Over the years, Hon. Muhammad Umar Bago as a Member has attracted diverse Government projects to Chanchaga Federal Constituency. He has also personally intervened in diverse areas, his personal interventions include the following areas:-

br /> Education

As the bedrock of development in any society, and as a Member who recognizes its necessity to the socioeconomic development of his people, it was necessary for Hon. Umaru Bago to give the required attention to education. In that regard, priority was given to scholarship to indigent students and provision of educational infrastructure to schools in Minna. Some of the infrastructures include:-

I. Construction and furnishing of a block of 3 classrooms at Dutsen Kuran Gwari Primary School, Limawa ‘B’ Ward, Minna.

II. Construction and furnishing of a block of 3 classrooms at Sauke Kahuta Primary School, Tudun Wada South Ward, Minna.

III. Construction and distribution of class seats and literary materials to schools across the constituency.

IIII. Award of scholarship and exams sponsorship for Youth (male/female) across the constituency between 2011- 2014.

Health and Social Services

In this critical area, a number of interventions were undertaken which include among others:-

I. Construction of a Primary Health Care Clinic at Al-bishiri village in Minna South Ward.

II. Resettlement and provision of free medical services to displaced lepers in Minna.

III. Provision of support services to less privileged patents and their relations in General Hospital Minna, 2011- 2012.

IIII. Provision of wheelchairs, free of charge, in support for the physically challenged persons across the constituency.


Considering the importance of stable power supply as a development driver for the economic growth and well being of his people, Hon. Bago took the following bold steps to complement the government effort:-

a. Distributed and installed 13 units of brand new 500 KVA transformers at 13 locations in Minna.

b. Also, 10 broken down transformers for different communities in the constituency were repaired and put to use.

Youth/ Women

For the good of the women and youth in his constituency, below are some of the contributions of Hon. Umaru Bago channeled towards their wellbeing:-

i. Facilitated the employment of 26 young boys and girls into the Federal Public Service notably, Military, Police, Civil Defense Corp and Nigeria Immigration service.

ii. Assisted 150 women with deep freezers, sewing machines and other vocational appliances to help in job creation.

iii. Provision and distribution of tri-cycles to 70 youth and 25 co-operative groups as a means of empowering them to generate stable income, wealth creation and poverty alleviation.

iiii. Provision of motor cycle to students to ease their transportation problems as well as empowerment of over 100 entrepreneurs to set up small businesses.

Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Co-existence.

In a bid to ensuring peaceful co-existence among the people of different diverse groups and religious bodies on his constituency, the Honourable Member has remained resolute by sustaining the peaceful environment that the constituency was noted for. In this regard, Hon. Bago often interacts with these religious leaders with a view to preaching peace and harmony in the constituency. Similarly, about 16 vehicles were distributed to different religious bodies as support for logistics of their members. He also donated ambulances to Minna Central Mosque and Minna General Hospital.

All these aforementioned interventions had in no small measure built tremendous confidence on the Honourable Member by his electorates that the popular chanting of “SAI BAGO” became a household name in Chanchaga Federal Constituency.

Sadest day

He lost his mother Hajiya Aisha Mohammed on 1 June 2019, in a brief illness. May Allah subhanawo watallah forgive her and grant her Aljanatul firdaus Ameen.
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