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If you're reading this article you're probably wondering how much does a lawyer make as most people in our society have been programmed to think that there are only a few ways to make a lot of money in our society and being a lawyer is one of them. I'm going to give you the answer and then we're going to dive a little DEEPER down the rabbit hole...Are you ready?

The average lawyer makes about $90,290 per year BUT...

You really have to ask yourself why you would even think about being a lawyer in the first place especially in this economy. Many of us are pressured by our parents, school teachers, societies, to pick a career simply because it makes good money but what if it's not really what you want to do? I ask you this because at one time I had looked into becoming a lawyer so my parents would think I was successful, not for my OWN REASONS.

The good news is that we are in a NEW ECONOMY and it's rapidly transforming the way we live our lives for the better. In the past (before the internet) if you wanted to make a lot of money you were forced to be a doctor, a dentist, or a lawyer and that's probably why you're asking "how much does a lawyer make". Now, I'm not saying that lawyers don't make a lot of money because they do and they are a necessary part of our society but let's look at what it actually involves to become a successful lawyer.

8 to 10 years of school spending up to $250,000 on your education alone.

Unless you start your own firm you still have a boss to answer to.

Hours and hours of paperwork.

Court dates.

80+ hour work weeks on many occasions for the next 40 years of your life.

Stressful hours and commute.
All of that for barely earning a 6 figure income? Don't forget about the years and years it will take to pay off your student loans. Also a lot of people wondering asking "how much does a lawyer make?" are like you and I people who want more TIME FREEDOM in our lives. We want to be successful so we can spend more time doing the things we love like traveling, time with family and friends, etc. Becoming a lawyer simply is not a smart way to do this. Many lawyers are some of the most stressed out people on our planet.So what's the smart alternative? 

Like I said we are in a New Economy and despite being constantly bombarded with bad news about the recession there is more opportunity than ever for ENTREPRENEURS. If you really want to be free, do what you love, and get paid for it I highly suggest you start researching how to start your own business, your own ENTERPRISE.

Many, young, highly successful entrepreneurs today are earning 6-7 figure incomes from the comfort of their own homes without having to sue anyone or do any kind of stressful paperwork. They're earning their income through genuinely helping and serving others, now that's the kind of career that makes you feel good.

Many lawyers suffer from attacks of conscious and guilt because they often are responsible for other peoples lives on many levels.
Let's wrap it up with this one FINAL nugget of wisdom... 

In the New Economy it's all about working smart not hard. Becoming a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist 50 years ago was how you would get rich but NOT today. Today in our new ecommerce world, millions of dollars are being made online by people just like you each and everyday, and it's not too late for you to become one of them.

Do your research, do your due diligence, and take ACTION! I hope this answered your question "how much does a lawyer make" and a whole LOT more. Remember we are in a new paradigm when it comes to money and careers what worked 50 years ago is not going to work today, there are much better alternatives!

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