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About the APP
sheikh SAEED ENAGI andriod App was created to continue spreading lectures of the late sheikh saeed enagi may Allah subhanawo watallah forgive him and grant him Aljanatul firdaus Ameen.
The app contains 7 of his NUPE lectures not less than 6hrs in Total...

Clich here to download
About the developer.
This app was developed by Mbsode.
Mbsode is a great app developer in Nupe Kingdom and also sell data (Mb)  and SD Card in cheeper rate.
May Allah subhanawo watallah Accept it from him and grant him more wisdom. Ameen.
Clich here to download
Others of his app include:
1. Nupe 99 names of by Adamu Idris Manarakis
2.Nupe name's and their meanings by manaraki
3. Nupe pocket guide by Comrd Mbsode

The Apps are not google play due lack of funds...

Those interested in the above link of the aforementioned app should message the developer on What'sApp @ 08139360740 or you can reach him on facebook Click here to meet Mbsode
directly if you prefer!

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