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Liked a page is very simple, it was brought to my notice that if I invite people to liked my page they went to do something else some will be chatting me some will liked the post inside the page which is not the purpose of inviting you so I sat and think how to solve the problem and I come up eith something which is the best way to those who are willing to learn.

As I always said no knowledge is west and their is no any benefit by keeping knowledge with you without teaching others.

Now let go to the point if someone invite you to liked his page. First of all enter your facebook account or you login in your facebook account, enter your notification after that click the invitation link and facebook will direct you to that person page after seing your self in that page scroll down small and you will see something like this ⏩Liked follow, share and save.
Look at the image below

After seing that just tap Liked with your hand and it will load and the liked will change to blue colour. Seing liked has change to blue the page has successfully been like by you and you will see anything that person post in that page and also I advise you to follow the page no need to tell you this be wise enough thank you for reading.

For better understanding watch the video to guide you through

How to liked a Facebook page in Nupe language ⏬⏬ out

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